Episode 20: On Track with Technology

Special guest Kitty Florido from Asterisco joins us to discuss how freelancers and solopreneurs can keep up with technology. Software and hardware are always changing, and freelancers often do not have the budget of a big business. How do you keep up when new versions of things come out? What if a client is using a newer or older version of software?


Kitty is a designer/developer from Guatemala, who also faces challenges working internationally–and talks candidly about them. Additionally, she is the rockstar behind our website, and we’re very thankful for her technology know-how.


Show Notes:

Kitty recommends her food blog, The Foodies’ Kitchen and  Notes from the Universe.

Johnny’s liking CloudConvert.org, for converting files.

Kristen recommends The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, a book that goes beyond goal-setting.



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