About the Show

Putting a little personality into the freelance business world.

The Freelance Radio Show is a podcast dedicated to helping self-employed professionals and contractors navigate the ups and downs of being in business for themselves. Broadcasted monthly, the show features hosts Kristen and Johnny along with occasional guests. The podcast has been around for several years and continues to be a way for writers, developers, designers, illustrators, musicians, and artists to enjoy learning about running a small business.

The goal of our radio show is to inform freelancers about issues they face with running a businesses, and we like to have a good time doing it. Each episode has a theme or guest. Listeners get to know our panel of freelancers and frequently interact with us by asking questions, which are another segment on the show. We also add in our picks for things we like–that includes everything from work tools to off-base websites.

Are you interested in being featured on our show? Submit a bio of no more than 150 words including your full contact information and a link to your website.

The People Behind the Show

Learn a bit more about The Freelance Radio Show panelists:




Kristen Fischer is a freelance copywriter and journalist living at the Jersey Shore. She began her freelance business while working full-time, and worked a part-time job for a year while she launched it. Kristen has written three books, and her latest is When Talent Isn’t Enough: Business Basics for the Creatively Inclined. She is also a Certified Professional Resume Writer. Kristen is a true Starbucks addict and an avid fan of the New England Patriots. Find out more about her by visiting www.kristenfischer.com.







John Mitchell (or “Johnny”) is a videographer who lives in New Jersey–on the opposite side from Kristen. He held roles in sales before becoming a freelancer, and leveraged that background to build a thriving business. In addition to commercial projects, John often shoots and edits wedding footage…he just can’t get enough of the “Electric Slide.”





As more people continue to move into contracting and entrepreneurialism, The Freelance Radio Show will be there to meet them with useful discussion topics and valuable tools. We welcome your thoughts, questions and comments. Reach out to us today—email us here.