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Episode 19: Gearin’ Up

Choosing the right technology items to invest in for your freelance business.

A freelance business requires technology, but how can you pick the items you need? Which technology purchases are unnecessary? How can you afford and finance the equipment you need for your small business? We talk about computers, phones, mobile devices, cameras, software, and other must-haves for your freelance operation.


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Episode 18: The Slow Stall

Coping with clients that take forever to get a job done

Is a client taking a long time to sign the contract or return revisions? That’s the slow stall…and we are tackling it on this episode. Find out how to move projects along without being pesky—and keeping boundaries in check, too. We take a listener question about taxes.

Episode 17: Cats and Crafts

Illustrator/artist Claudine Hellmuth

Today’s guest is illustrator and artist Claudine Hellmuth. We talk to her about how she got her start as an artist, how she busted out of a traditional full-time job and how she created her own line of products. If you’ve ever been interested in the craft field—or even if not–Claudine shares valuable insights that will be useful in your freelance journey! We also take a question from a listener on how to avoid burnout.



Episode 16: Defragging Your Creative Mind

Organizing creative ideas for freelancers

How do creative people organize all their ideas? Freelancers are overloaded with ideas on how to run their businesses, new ways to market themselves and creative ideas pertaining to their craft. Johnny and Kristen look at different ways to organize all those jumbled ideas, and also mention Stephen Johnson’s concept of using a Spark File. We’d like to hear from our listeners about how they track all the creative goodness—is keeping a notepad by your bed enough? We also take a question from a listener about the best way to market your business and handle prospects.

Episode 15: Sweet Spots

Developing a strategy for your business, and finding balance in your business

How do you steer your freelance business in the right direction? In this episode, we talk about finding your sweet spot; that is, directing your marketing and client relations efforts to find the types of clients and workflow scenarios you want. What happens if you’re starting out and can’t get your dream clients? Or what if you’ve been freelancing a while but still can’t seem to align your work with the type of business you want?